Director of The Boileroom Dom Frazer is standing for by-election as ward councillor in Friary & St Nicolas in the upcoming local elections on 6th May 2021.

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Hello My name is Dom Frazer and I’m standing as ward councillor in Friary & St Nicolas. You may know me from my day job,  I work with a team that curates approximately 300 arts, music and community events in the borough per year.

My family’s heritage in Guildford goes back many generations to the early part of the last century and includes a  great, great grandfather who worked as a signalman at London Road station, and a family-run greengrocer’s shop in Stoke Fields.

I started my education at the Dene Nursery (now Guildford Nursery School) in this very ward, and both my daughter and I were pupils at George Abbot School.  My working life has also been in Guildford. As an entrepreneur, creative artist and facilitator I have worked on bringing people and communities together and developing community projects for many years.  We have so much history, creativity and talent on which to build a revitalized Guildford.

I am very proud of my family’s tradition of community service in Guildford and if I had the privilege to be elected as a Borough Councillor for Friary and St. Nicolas, I commit to continuing my family’s tradition, and to using my skills, experience and energy to make our town the best it can be.

I believe that transparency and integrity are key to bringing people together for the greater good. I believe in the power of community. I’m not afraid to stand up or raise my hand for those that don’t have a voice, or feel their voice is not being heard. It is R4GV’s commitment to these values and principles that made me want to run as the R4GV candidate for Friary and St Nicolas ward

I pledge to work on behalf of the Borough’s residents and businesses, and to offer a fresh perspective. Guildford is full of vibrant and creative thinkers whose voices and opinions need to be heard. I will also use my experience in running the Boileroom to help enhance the Borough’s leisure and arts facilities.

The delivery of more affordable and social housing is close to my heart and I pledge to support the initiatives to secure much greater provision. Far too many people are forced to move away from Guildford or to live outside the Borough because renting and buying property is unaffordable.

As a vegan, keen environmentalist and gardener I realise just how important it is to protect and preserve our Green Belt, parks and open spaces. We need them now more than ever!

As a facilitator and collaborator, I was an integral part of setting up Innovate Guildford, working closely as a lead partner on the Big Draw and delivering workshops to our community. We have held 3 street parties in Friary & St Nicolas with hundreds of local residents enjoying the music, locally brewed beer and well-being workshops, including yoga and dancing.  I see culture and arts as a means of bringing people together – helping us to listen to each other. Great things can be achieved.

My passion is to bring Guildford’s creative and arts scene together with community initiatives. I’ve been an integral part of the Guildford Beer Festival musical provision.  I’ve assisted and facilitated workshops for Aspire, as well as workshops and fundraising lunches for The Halow Project. I’ve also worked on countless fundraising events for local charities and organisations such as Guildford Action, Challengers, The Jigsaw Trust and Your Sanctuary.

Part of my commitment to encouraging and inspiring young people in the Borough was realised in collaboration with The Matrix Trust, through a mini tour to five youth clubs in the borough.  It’s vital that we connect and listen to the next generation. Their interests and opinions must form part of our approach to planning for our future town and borough.

Over the years I have been Vice Chair of Pubwatch and I have worked with many of the local colleges to develop appropriate behaviour policies for young people when visiting our town. This year I will be working with Experience Guildford and Hollaback London – as well as a wide range of licensed premises and security companies – to deliver workshops to those working in the nighttime economy in the town about how to ensure a safer nightlife, how to identify, intervene and educate to prevent sexual harassment and abuse.

I know I don’t have all the answers, what I do have, though, are a lot of questions. So, vote for me on May 6th and let’s get our voices heard! Thank-you for taking the time to read this.


Dominique Frazer

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